Thursday, 13 December 2012

Two Way Radios

two way radio
Walkie talkies have progressed a lot since they were first presented in the 70s. Nowadays they perform over extensive ranges and consist of awesome functions such as GPS.

As a Motorola premier gold partner, we are well-equipped with deep market knowledge and highly effective skills.

Together with Motorola, we provide unique alternatives and service to help customers produce value and aggressive gain, through the range of impressive and industry-leading interaction alternatives and after-sales services targeted at diverse sectors.

Walky talky and two-way radios have the technology you need to increase efficiency and increase your speed and agility in modern aggressive business environment.

Walkie talkie Motorola is in fact convenient rectangle-shaped models much like phone headphones, but bigger in size and also with an aerial on top of them. In what regards the equipment, they're linked at both finishes to the programs that are set and just get or exchange one-way information. The preliminary couple of music transmitters and responders that could be convenient was designed by the well known Motorola Company that also designed the ‘walkie-talkie' idea. The main designed product that applied regularity modulation was named Motorola SCR-300 and was actually a back pack edition that could be set up.

Strong design, great requirements but simple to use, the new TLKR T8 is one of the highest featured walkie talkies available. Exploding with functionality, along with a variety of up to 10km*, the TLKR T8 contains shake aware, group-calling, hands-free function and even a built-in LED flash light.

Walkie Talkie Motorola brands available in market are- Hand Held Set ( GP 328 ), Hand Held Set ( GP 328 Plus ), Hand Held Set ( GP 338 ), Hand Held Set ( Pacer ), Hand Held Set ( GP 338 PLUS ), Hand Held Set ( CP 1180 ), Base Mobile ( GM 338 ) etc..